Thu Jan 31 21:37:21 2013
Fixed the dynamic video page for the I-don't-know-how-manyeth time! Added new videos.

Wed Oct 10 20:15:24 2012
Added Videos page awhile back. Cleaned up old directories that built up over time

Tue Jan 25 16:56:32 2011
I've uploaded some art pics and used an old thumbnailing program I wrote to populate the 2d and 3d art pages with graphics

Sun Jan 23 22:08:15 2011
OK I've uploaded it my hosting provider here goes nothing!

Sun Jan 23 21:27:35 2011
Aha! not only did I get it to display on the webpage I managed to get it into reverse order as well

Sat Jan 22 21:50:51 2011
Gotta do something with this soon

Fri Nov 26 20:52:41 2010
This is a test of the updater web interface