Dances I have written

I have a writtten a few contra dances and you are welcome to use them. (please email me to let me know how you get on, where they are being danced etc)

Devon Dream
Unphased by Halsway
You can't get Laid at Halsway


I call regularly for Playford/club nights. I have all called a wide variety of ceilidhs (weddings, university, Phoenix ceilidh club, rotary etc). I love calling contra and often did so in cambridge.

Dancing Photos

Despite spending most of my time dancing I have very few good photos. Perhaps this is because it is hard to capture the movement in a single frame or because I don't want to sit out too much taking photos. Either way here are a few pictures of displays and social events (when I have my camera with me)

The Round display team at Glasgow IVFDF 2000 and in action dancing Newcastle
Lauren, Andrew , Lizzie, Joanna, Rachel, Francis and Robert getting ready for the Space Odyssey display at Cambridge IVFDF 2001
Andrew punting with Lizzie at the post playford ball punt party
Anthony in the other punt with Deborah and Lara
Spikey and Lizzie dancing at the picnic
Dave dancing in the ford at Sidmouth

and photos from Spikey and Naomi's wedding

Action shots of Lauren and Elisa and Chris and Francis
Andrew and Emma managed to stay still for long enough for me to take a half decent photo
whilst I had to wait till they were leaving to catch Dave and Lara (who appears to have been attacked by a sheep)
Angela showing what all the best dressed bumps are wearing this summer
Gina playing the bride in the wedding molly dance
Naomi's dress
and finally the happy couple

Dancing on mayday morning 2004 with mockbeggar morris

Lisa greenleaf and the groovemongers contra at C# may 2004